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:: Track List (Elliott Smith Tribute)::

1. "Say Yes" - Carlos Otero
     (official website)

2. "First Timer" - Rachel Renfroe
     (official website)

3. "Pitseleh" - Patrick Morency
     (official website)

4. "Clementine" - Corey Schlosser
     (official website)

5. "Between the Bars" - Alie Lavoie
     (official website)

6. "Division Day" - Matt Green
     (official website)

7. "The Biggest Lie" - Jeremiah Labadie
     (official website)

8. "Twilight" - Sammy Griffin
     (official website)

9. "Needle in the Hay" - Danijel Kasunic
     (official website)

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Episode 1 - Download HERE 28.9MB - (track-listing)
Episode 2 - Download HERE 30.7MB - (track-listing)

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