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Current Playlist Sub-Rock's International Spotlight

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:: Track List ::

1. "Falling For You" - Rebel Territory (Derby, U.K.)
     (official website) - Single on iTunes

2. "Wait A Minute" - Streaming Lights (Hull, U.K.)
     (official website) - EP from Amazon

3. "Soul Shoes" - Chocolate Robots (Ontario, Canada)
     (official website) - Album on Bandcamp

4. "Glitter" - The Foreign Films (Hamilton, Canada)
     (official website) - Songs on Bandcamp

5. "Flashlight (I Ain't Complete)" - The People (Stockholm, Sweden)
     (official website) - Album on CD Universe

6. "Karlifonien" - TorPeders Kapell (Sweden)
     (official website)

7. "Black Days" - Navel (Basel, Switzerland)
     (official website) - Album on iTunes

8. "Glide" - The MacHams (Toronto, Canada)
     (official website) - Album on iTunes

9. "No Welcome Sign" - Evil J & Saint Cecilia (New South Wales, Australia)
     (official website) - Music on ReverbNation

10. "I Choose Me" - Kai (Toronto, Canada)
     (official website) - Single on iTunes

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